What is Relativism?

What is Relativism?

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Relativism is a belief that objective truth does not exist. Those who hold this belief, claim that truth is subjective. Objective truths are always true, they apply to every person, regardless of culture or religion. Relativist believe that a person can define truth. Those who believe in objective truth believe that truth already exist and is not defined by the individual or by the culture, but rather truth is discovered.

There are two key words that help you understand relativism: objective and subjective. If something is objective it is based on facts, not feelings. Subjective, on the other hand, is based on feelings. Objective and subjective are opposites. You would be objective by saying, “It’s raining” but, you would be subjective by saying “I love rain!”

Those who claim to believe in relativism deny that objective truth exist. Relativism is a key component of postmodernism.

Generally people claim to be relativists for moral reasons, not logical reasons.

Is One Way Okay?

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